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Birth, Prenatal and Postpartum Services and Support

Every birth is special. Whether it takes place at the hospital or at home, each is beautiful and deserving of celebration. No matter how you birth your baby, everyone can benefit from the presence of an experienced Doula. Contact me to learn more about my services, and how I can help you bring your own child into this beautiful world.



I am a mother of five, each born in a different country - Italy, England, France, China and Scotland. Therefore, I can well understand the differences and varied expectations of different birthing cultures and language barriers. I have over ten years of experience assisting mothers during birth both as an interpreter and as a doula. I have experience with hospital births, home births, hypnobirthing births, C-sections, twin pregnancies, in-vitro pregnancies and more. I completed my Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator training with Childbirth International (CBI). I am fluent in English, Polish and Russian and have a basic knowledge of Mandarin. It is my goal to provide non-judgemental pregnancy, labour, and postpartum support for the women of Glasgow.



How I Assist


The word doula comes from ancient Greek meaning female servant.  A doula is a woman specifically trained to provide comfort and support to labouring women. 

The doula provides continuous care and support to women and their partners throughout labour and birth.  Her calming and reassuring presence can help alleviate the stress of both the mother and her partner.  She does not detract from the role of the father but provides guidance and reassurance helping him to feel at ease with his role in supporting his partner.

A doula is a non judgmental advocate for the mother.  A doula supports the mother in whatever decision she chooses.  She does not speak for the mother but provides information and support so that the mother will be able to effectively communicate her wishes to the hospital or birthing centre staff.

Doulas work with all types of women in all types of birth.  Doulas are available for natural births, home births, epidural births, Vaginal births after Cesareans, and Cesarean births.  Doulas will work with each woman in the context of her own birth to provide support and create a warm and encouraging birth environment.  

As your birth doula, I will meet with you before your birth for 3-4 prenatal appointments.  I will talk you through any concerns or questions you may have, help you form your birth plan, and talk with you about ways to enhance your comfort during labour.

During your birth I will stay with you every step of the way, providing emotional informational support as well as attending to your comfort needs.  I will do everything I can to maximize your comfort using a variety of methods including massage, relaxation techniques, position changes, and birthing ball positioning. 

After your birth I will remain with you until your baby is happily in your arms, breastfeeding is initiated , and you are ready for some quiet time together with your family.

Additionally, I will schedule a post partum visit within a week of your birth to see how you are doing, answer any questions you may have, and give you time to reflect or debrief from the entire birthing experience.  I can offer you referrals at this time if you are in need of any additional resources.


As a CBI certified Childbirth Educator I can offer tailor made classes empowering you to understand the process of birth and how to improve outcomes. At CBI, our educators understand how to teach the skills needed for making informed choices, putting a plan in place for tackling unexpected situations, gaining decision-making capabilities and the confidence to communicate these to caregivers. The classes are active and involve you and your partner in practising skills which increase comfort during labour and birth. I can offer individual or small group classes in the comfort of your home.


As a postpartum doula I help create a restful environment so that your family can relax, regroup and lovingly bond with its newest member.
I offer in home day and overnight care to new families.  As a nonjudgmental care giver, I will assist the new mother with comfort and recovery allowing her to focus on the needs of the baby.  Postpartum doula services are tailored specifically to each family’s needs; services may include help with newborn care, sibling adjustment, and supporting the mother with her chosen method of feeding.


As a doula in Shanghai, China I have discovered this amazing brand, very popular with European mothers, time tested, as since 1921!

Developed by experienced midwives and pharmacists, the products are made from plant-based oils, which are easily absorbed by the skin, being similar to the skin’s own natural oils.

Since returning to the UK I had the pleasure of becoming a Weleda advisor and can offer these award-winning products through my online webshop. 

Contact me to learn more about all of the services that I offer.

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"A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them"

Victor Hugo




Baby holding parent pinky finger
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